How to Identify Spiritual Abuse

Unlike common practices in cults, there is a much more pervasive and subtle kind of spiritual abuse that is much harder to recognize as it occurs in mainstream organizations. It can make it challenging when learning how to identify spiritual abuse.


Young people especially, put pressure on themselves to be perfect. This may look like striving to look perfect, to perform perfectly at work or school, or to find a perfect partner and have a perfect relationship. What exactly is perfectionism? Perfectionism can be hard to define because the line between high achievement and perfectionism is blurred

Evolving our self-care

We need to look at evolving our self-care. But what does that mean in practice, when we can no longer do many of the things that used to fill our proverbial buckets in the past? How do we carve time out for self-care when others depend on our attention more than ever? How have our needs for self-care changed now that we live and work in the same spaces?