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Individual Therapy

Our counselors are trained to work on an individual level to help you. Learn more about possible issues you can address in therapy.

Couples Therapy

If you and your partner are dedicated to the recovery process anything is possible. 

Group Therapy

Group therapy is an opportunity to be heard and work through problems with other people that are struggling with similar problems. Group work can also provide insight from multiple perspectives. We have several groups at our Seattle and Lynnwood locations. 

Reduced Rate

No insurance? No problem. If you don’t have healthcare insurance, to cover the cost of mental health services, you may be eligible for a reduced rate. Please contact us for more information.

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Embracing the Nervous System

Embracing the Nervous System

Have you ever wondered what feelings are and where they come from?  Why are they so powerful?  According to the polyvagal theory, the state of our nervous system is determined by which part of our nervous system is engaged (Dana, 2018).  Therapy helps...

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