Pacific Mental Health was created for the purpose of serving those in search of mental health services. Whether your search is to become a prospective client or intern, clinicians at Pacific Mental Health have your best interest in mind. We each have studied extensively in our respective areas of therapeutic interest to provide an exceptional counseling experience. We hope your search for a new therapist begins here. Please contact us for a consultation to get your counseling started today or visit our services to learn more about the approaches we offer.

Mission Statement

The mission of Pacific Mental Health is two fold: 1) Provide exceptional psychotherapeutic services at an affordable rate for those who need assistance 2) Train the next generation of mental health clinicians in a unique setting; providing them with the tools to become not only great clinicians, but researchers and entrepreneurs in the field of mental health.


Pacific Mental Health is an organization that is dedicated to serving those from the community at all income levels. We are always looking for ways to serve those in need. Whether providing reduced fee counseling or involvement with other organizations in a collaborative effort, we seek for opportunities to bring awareness to the community about mental health.


We believe that leadership isn’t just about organizing the affairs of a company or telling others what to do, its about working together in a collaborative transparent way to ensure the best quality care for the patients we serve. We have this concept in mind whether we are meeting with students who are involved in our training program, coordinating community events, or working with clients who seek our services. Leadership is a learned experience for all parties involved.