Building Relationships Can Save a Life

As a community, we need to work toward becoming comfortable with having conversations about suicide. Social myths tell us that talking about someone’s suicidal thoughts will push them toward completing their death. However, often a person’s thoughts of suicide decrease when there is a safe and containing conversation; when a loved one actively listens and empathizes.

Transgender Day of Remembrance

On November 20th, please take a moment to join a community vigil, honoring the unnecessary violent deaths of 33 #TGNC individuals this year, as well as find a way to year-around honor and offer a greater quality of life for those courageous and resilient TGNC human beings. To all those identifying as transgender and gender non-conforming: you are strong, courageous, and if you are struggling please do not be afraid to find trustworthy people, including therapists, who can fight on your behalf.