Stevie Ekkelkamp 🔴
Counselor, LMHC, MA, MABS
Telehealth only
I specialize in Anxiety, Depression and Coping Skills
My interest in the therapy comes from a desire to walk alongside of people in the trials of life. I think regardless of where we are, there is a place for empathy, and I would like to be a willing vessel for anyone that desires it.

Life is challenging. Sometimes, we avoid our feelings until they demand our attention. Our emotions can feel overwhelming, and they can stand in the way of our desires. With non-judgmental support, my goal is to create a compassionate place where you can find hope and relief.

Together, we can address the pain and emotions of your past, identify cycles, and give attention to the hurt that keeps us from feeling whole. It may be a scary process to start therapy, I want to journey with you to provide insight, encouragement, and healing. I work hard to keep a non-judgmental view in helping others. I understand how complex our journey in life is and know that everyone is in a different place with their own perspectives, history, and beliefs. I aim to create a place where you will find acceptance and hope, wherever you are in that journey.

After living in France, I have a worldview that focus’ on how culture and childhood development shapes us into who we are. My therapy style focuses on cognitive behavioral therapy and developmental theory. As a counselor, I have experience and passion to work with adolescents, but also adults in individual, couple, and family settings.

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