Hannah Andrist 🔴
Seattle, Washington
I approach therapy with a non-judgmental openness and curiosity about another person’s experience of life. I believe that all humans are made through and for relationships so the process of psychotherapy is natural in confronting relational wounds, trauma and abuse. My goal for clinical work together is to provide a safe space to build upon existing strengths, foster self-compassion, and be a true collaborator in the exploration of conscious or unconscious thoughts, behaviors, feelings and reactions that may be causing suffering. I hope to promote true change together through a supportive, accepting, educational and encouraging therapeutic relationship.

My work is grounded in relational, depth psychology approaches and influenced by the latest neuroscience research, mindfulness meditation principles, psychosomatics and trauma-informed care. I work with people experiencing anxiety, trauma, depression, grief, conflict or issues of identity, especially those in the queer community. In addition, I am a board-certified music therapist and am experienced in using music as a source of expression and healing. Together we will use a variety of creative techniques that are meaningful to you in order to promote growth and enhance your own sense of self.

I am originally from the midwest, have lived all over the country as well as abroad and now call Seattle home. I received my undergraduate degree in music therapy from the University of North Dakota and a Masters degree in counseling through The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology.

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