Nicole DeWolf 🟢
Seattle, Washington
Student Intern
From my years and varied experiences in life, I have come to understand we all seek increased meaning, purpose and connection. As a white, divorced, cisgender woman and parent, I am aware of my privileged identities and am comfortable welcoming your intersecting identities as we work together. My style is vibrant, nonjudgmental, and curious. Currently, I am a graduate level psychotherapist in mental health counseling.

I look forward to working with individuals and couples facing life transitions including divorce, career change, grief and loss, recovery maintenance, gender assignment exploration, retirement or those seeking deeper meaning. I am especially interested in raising our awareness of intergenerational trauma. I will bring my experience teaching English literature and in theater to understand your story, deeply and authentically.

Growth can only come from a place of equilibrium and optimal arousal. When pain or fear predominate, we are unable to grow, to tolerate stress or to be spontaneous. I will be honored to facilitate your healing from past trauma, to approach equilibrium and to grow. Change can be hard! We will work together to create a plan uniquely for you. I will meet you where you are and accompany you on your journey. Together, we will address shame and other self-limitations. Depending on the goals we co-create, I may draw from existential, narrative, or cognitive-behavioral approaches including mindful acceptance.

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