Navdeep Kaur 🟢
Lynnwood, Washington
Student Intern
We as people function as individual parts in many systems. Both being impacted by and impacting the others around us. For many people issues arise when there is an imbalance between ourselves and the systems around us. When expectations are not met we often find ourselves struggling with finding balance and well-being. My goal as a clinician is to understand you as an individual functioning as a part of your cultural, social, and professional system to create a space to restore balance and peace.

As someone who has lived in two different cultures I have developed an understanding of how to connect, communicate, and understand a vast range of people from various backgrounds. I hope to meet you where you are and take the initiative to learn what is valuable to you.

You have already completed the first step of the counseling journey simply by being here. This is a big accomplishment and takes a lot of courage in and of itself! Now, I invite you to take the next step to reach out and see if we can create a welcoming space to share and grow together.

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