Lynne Dumas 🟢
Therapist, LSWAIC
Telehealth only
I specialize in Anxiety, Depression and Stress
Due to my social work background, I approach therapy with one initial goal: to meet someone where they’re at. This means utilizing the unique strengths, experiences, and identities inherent within each person to help them live fuller, happier, more meaningful lives. All work done in therapy is built on a true collaboration, where a client can present themselves as they are and use tools presented by the therapist to gently challenge them, and help them navigate whatever they’re struggling with. My clients are mainly individuals experiencing depression, difficult life changes, anxiety, and trauma.

My client's goals can be as diverse as wanting to get better sleep, to managing symptoms of an ongoing mental illness, or focus on self development. A lot of clients find that having a third party who is trained to listen nonjudgmentally can help them process their feelings and feel more connected to the world around them.

Many therapists are very eclectic in their approach, and I am no exception. I work by utilizing aspects of CBT, DBT, ACT, trauma-informed care, neuropsychology, and motivational interviewing. I look forward to collaborating with you.

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