Rosie Benzonelli 🔴
Telehealth only
Clinical Supervisor
I am a therapist who strives to see your strengths as clearly as your struggles, who will hold steadfast faith in your ability to learn, adapt, heal, and thrive, who considers challenges you face in the context of your unique life history and the situation.

I honor the client-therapist relationship as an earned privilege. Trust and connection are critical to our work together. Clients tell me I am direct, understanding and caring about their well-being.

I am a licensed therapist in the states of Washington and California, and hold a master in social work from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

In addition to my therapy practice, I have served diverse adult populations challenged with chronic and life-threatening illnesses for the past nine years. I am experienced at providing assessment, patient education and therapy in palliative, hospice, dialysis, and geriatric care settings. My life experience and professional training motivates me to support adults experiencing situational challenges or transitions impacting their quality of life.

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