Tyler Higgins 🟢
Lynnwood, Washington
Student Intern
My hope is to truly hear you, and to build a relationship that you find both validating and helpful. I seek to provide a warm and authentic space in which you can feel empowered to explore, examine, and be true to yourself.

Both the past and present contribute to who we are and how we are, and either can have a place in counseling. Some of the relationships between our past and present selves may be obvious to us, while others may not. I believe that you are capable of change and of forging new ways of being. I care about people and am invested in their stories, and I believe counseling can help us gain more authorship of our own stories.

Every client comes to therapy with a different background, and different strengths and challenges. I value diverse perspectives and social justice and will strive to understand and work within your worldview. I am especially interested in working with clients who identify as queer, as well as those experiencing self-esteem challenges and social anxiety. My lens is based in, but not limited to, cognitive-behavioral therapy.

I am originally from the Northeast, but have lived in the Greater Seattle Area for 7 years and feel most at home in the Northwest. I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology and economics from Bowdoin College and am currently pursuing a master’s in clinical mental health counseling at Seattle University.

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