Hannah Elliott 🟢
Student Intern, BS
Lynnwood, Washington
Telehealth + In-person
I specialize in Trauma and PTSD, Spirituality and Grief
Therapy is a messy, beautiful adventure of healing, growth, and self-discovery. My greatest desire is to empower you to use life’s challenges to discover your inner strength, wisdom, and sense of purpose. I am passionate about working with people seeking transformative growth and meaning in life. I specialize in supporting adults healing through trauma (esp. childhood/complex trauma); grief; life transitions (e.g. midlife crisis, end of life); and topics related to spirituality such as psychedelic integration, spiritual emergency/awakening, and near-death experiences.

As a holistic therapist, I integrate talk therapy with body-centered practices. The body holds trauma, which is often hard to access and heal through talk-therapy alone. Mind-body therapies can support deeper emotional processing and integration. I draw mostly from Mindfulness-Based, Gestalt, Somatic, Transpersonal, and Internal Family Systems Therapies.

I was a researcher prior to pursuing my MA in Mindfulness-Based & Transpersonal Counseling. I also draw from my experience volunteering in Hospice, teaching mindful movement, and training as a Behavior Change Coach.

Finding a therapist that’s right for you is important. If you feel we may be a fit, please contact me to schedule your first appointment.

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