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Apr 28, 2021 | Job Loss

For many of us, our careers hold important significance in our lives. Whether you are currently seeking employment, interested in making a career change, looking to advance your current career standing, or are struggling to meet basic needs, there are a number of helpful tools that can assist you. Although not exhaustive, the below list offers resources for a variety of employment related needs in Washington State.

Washington Health Plan Finder
Website: https://www.wahealthplanfinder.org
Who this may be helpful for: Individuals seeking options for viable health insurance coverage.
Why is this helpful: Obtaining health insurance coverage and shopping for insurance plans
can be daunting, and often requires some level of guidance. Washington Health Plan Finder
allows you to input your estimated annual income and generates qualified health plans. There
is an accessible customer service center that offers support in 175 languages, as well as
disability accommodations. Additionally, individual support services are offered to address
questions regarding Medicaid and Medicare eligibility and coverage specifically.

Website: http://www.worksourceskc.org/
Who this may be helpful for: For individuals who would like to gain the necessary tools for
successful employment and long-term career development.
Why is this helpful: WorkSource is a database for employment and training services for the
state of Washington. There are 12 locations throughout the state, referred to as Connection
Sites that offer free training and workshops in interviewing skills, resume writing, and LinkedIn
FAQ. Although not exhaustive, online services include labor market and wages resources,
career coaching, unemployment information, self-sufficiency calculator, and salary negotiation
and information.

Employment Security Department Washington State
Website: https://esd.wa.gov/unemployment

Who this may be helpful for: Individuals who have recently lost their job and are seeking
information regarding their unemployment options.
Why is this helpful: This resource offers information pertaining to unemployment benefits,
insurance, paid leave, unemployment taxes, labor market information, and job-search services.
Unemployment information includes basic eligibility requirements, benefits, and accessible
customer service support to file a claim, fill out an unemployment form, request unemployment
records, as well as file an appeal.

Self-Sufficiency Calculator
Website: https://thecalculator.org/
Who this may be helpful for: Individuals who are seeking guidance in creating or improving
their budget. This tool helps individuals successfully meet their individual needs or the needs of
their family unit.
Why is this helpful: The self-sufficiency calculator supports successful career planning through
intentional financial planning including developing a financial goal, budgeting and planning,
comparing different options to inform your bottom line, and determine concrete steps to achieve
your goal. This resource is free of cost and is also accessible in 11 different languages.

Washington Connection
Website: https://www.washingtonconnection.org/home/
Who this may be helpful for: Individuals in financial duress who are seeking resources to
meet their basic needs.
Why is this helpful: Washington Connection offers a link to services that assists individuals
and their families to apply for basic needs including food, child care, and Medicare Savings
Programs. Additional resources include mental health services, transportation, treatment
centers, housing and utilities, as well as veteran support. Online services are offered in English
and Spanish.

Starting Your Career
Website: https://www.sbctc.edu/starting-your-career/
Who this may be helpful for: This is a great resource for college students who are seeking
guidance in selecting a specific career path. This resource is also helpful for clients of any age
who may be unsatisfied with their current employment and are seeking a career transition.
Why is this helpful: Washington Connection includes surveys to assess career interests,
values, and abilities, as well as offers insight into job trends and salaries, as well as
apprenticeship programs to earn income while you gain experience.

Map Your Career
Website: http://www.mapyourcareer.org/

Who this may be helpful for: Individuals who are looking to make informed decisions in
regards to job demand and advancement.
Why is this helpful: Map Your Career is an educational tool that predicts market trends in the
Seattle-King County area. Information about various industries include job demand, projected
growth, sample wages, and career advancement. This resource also includes an extremely
useful tool that offers insight into popular industries including healthcare, transportation, and
information technology.

Washington Career Bridge
Website: http://www.careerbridge.wa.gov/Search_Program.aspx?cmd=txt&adv=true&txt=
Who this may be helpful for: Individuals who are considering education in a specific field to
support their career pursuits.
Why is this helpful: This is a state database that provides education and training opportunities
for future employment, as well as a Career Bridge Quiz to help individuals identify areas of
interest. Additional information regarding paying for education includes accessible links for
FAFSA, work study, loans, and military veterans benefits.

ParentHelp 123
Website: http://www.parenthelp123.org/
Who this may be helpful for: Parents in low income households who are in need of basic
needs and emotional support. This resource could be particularly impactful for clients who are
employed and struggling to meet the financial needs of their family.
Why is this helpful: ParentHelp 123 offers local resources for growing families including food
banks, children play and learning groups, parent support groups, and low-cost health clinics.


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