Tyler Suran 🟢
Student Intern
Hello my name is Tyler

I seek to provide counseling in a collaborative space where you are able to explore deeper layers of lived experiences in a safe, cared for and supported environment. My aim is to adapt my approaches and attune to the individual in front of me, understanding the uniqueness and complexities of differing human experiences and needs. I recognize that you are the expert in your own life and value person-centered therapy.

Additionally, my approach centers on a multicultural and social justice orientation—meaning that our conversations will naturally include your cultural identities and social locations. Uniqueness and living authentically is celebrated in my counseling room. Identifying as LGBTQ, Polyamorous and Kinky allied, my hope is to support these communities in their life transitions.

Respectfully honoring individuals for their uniqueness is something I strive for and identify as a core value, which is ideally reciprocated. All are welcome and cared for in my counseling room.

Specializing in Addictions Counseling, I believe in a non judgmental, holistic approach taking into considerations the many factors that are at play with addictions including biological and social influences. I believe that change is something every individual is capable of implementing in their lives with support and challenge. Through our collaboration, we will work to explore your concerns and to explore possible changes you wish to implement in your life, while acknowledging sources of strength and resiliency.

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