Sydney Trask 🔴
Lynnwood, Washington
Student Intern
Therapy is an environment that can offer different things to different people. While I can't be all things to all people, my goal is to offer space for therapy to be about the client and what they want. Whether you know what that is or are hoping to figure it out along the way, therapy with me will offer a place to have challenging conversations, play with what the future might hold, and explore your wants and needs and how to meet them.

I offer trauma-informed, client-centered therapy with special insights on boundary-setting, religious trauma, grief, anxiety, relationship issues, family conflict, women's issues, academic stress, codependency, and experiences of anti-fat bias.

It is my belief that everyone retains capacity for change at every point in their lives. If change is something you are hoping for, I sincerely believe that with what is within your control, change is possible. This belief is accompanied by the ever-present need to rest and be patient with oneself. If it feels like we could be a good fit, please reach out.

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