Stephen Kim 🔴
Lynnwood, Washington
Student Intern
Our words have a powerful effect on our mental health. How we describe ourselves and the stories we tell inform our perceived self-worth, identity, and worldview. I believe everyone has a story to tell shaped by their own unique experiences. As a counselor, I want to create a safe and non-judgmental space for people to share their stories and be heard.

Past traumatic experiences can lead to distorted and damaging thoughts about oneself. We often feel stuck in these thoughts, telling and retelling these stories in our heads, struggling to see a different perspective. I want to help you navigate these stories to address past trauma and strive toward developing a more positive sense of self and outlook on life.

My clinical approach is influenced by psychodynamic and Adlerian therapies; however, I aim to tailor my approach to the client’s needs, integrating techniques from CBT, communications/humanistic, and solution-focused therapy. As an Asian-American, I am an advocate for a multicultural approach to therapy. I am fascinated by the intersection between race, faith, and mental health. I believe an understanding of our identity comes from exploring our unique cultures and embracing our diversity.

I was born and raised here in Washington. I received my undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Washington, and I am now in my second year at New York University’s Masters in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness program.

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