Shannon Duffy 🟢
Seattle, Washington
Student Intern
If you are seeking change in your life, whether it’s on your terms or not, I’m adept at walking the path towards healing with you. My approach is genuine, open-minded and non judgmental. My goal is to support you in your journey through life’s challenges with empathetic guidance and enlightenment.

I believe negative situations can be used as a catalyst for change, growth, and self-improvement. I think by deepening the mind, body and spirit connection, there is greater potential for growth, healing and a higher quality of life. I believe that humans are incredibly resilient and sometimes we just need a little help reconnecting with our inner knowing.

I enjoy working with all individuals and all situations. I look forward to working with clients who struggle with addiction, codependency, anxiety, depression, or grief. I have worked in education for twenty years and have experience supporting teachers, adolescents, administrators, and parents. I am a certified yoga instructor with a graduate degree in Exercise Science and have experience in sports psychology.

As a graduate student, I am working towards my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Adams State University. Please feel free to reach out for your first appointment. It would be a privilege to be a part of your journey.

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