Seth Aichele 🔴
Seattle, Washington
Clinical Supervisor
Pain is the best teacher, but often it can be difficult to understand what emotional pain is trying to speak. It may be trying to get your attention through an unwanted behavior, an unbearable feeling, or an unbreakable thought pattern. It may show itself in repeated relational dysfunction, addiction, or disturbances in mood or sleep.

I find I work well with people who are exhausted from trying to manage or control emotional pain, and are ready to face it holistically and head-on. I also help people suffering from complicated and acute psychological problems which have not responded well to other therapy treatments.

I am a depth-based, psychoanalytically-oriented therapist. I cultivate a space for emotional pain to breathe and speak, offering a specialized form of attention and care which is grounded in the psychoanalytic tradition of Object-Relations. I have a Master’s of Arts degree in counseling from the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology and a Bachelors of Arts degree in ministry and leadership from Life Pacific College.

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