Selesha McKibbon
Content Coordinator
I first started working at Pacific Mental Health as the administrative support in early 2022. Over the course of my time in this position I was able to familiarize myself with the array of services offered and the unique specialties of each counselor. While allowing a smooth and easy onboarding process for new clients, I played a pivotal role in ensuring optimal counselor-client matches based on individual needs. While I found fulfillment in this supportive role, my evolving professional aspirations led to a later promotion to the position of ‘Content Coordinator’ at Pacific Mental Health.

In my current role, I take on the responsibility of managing the company website. This includes making sure the content on the front end is accurate, error free, and up to date. I also post regularly to the company's social media platforms promoting an online presence that offers updates, insights, and motivational content related to mental health for our subscribed audience. Additionally, I engage in effective communication with both new and existing therapists, ensuring each one has a verifiable presence online. This allows clients to properly find any needed information before getting started on their therapeutic journey.

Each day brings something new that I am happy to learn and grow from. I hope to someday be well versed in designing and managing websites.

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