Sarah Kelley 🟢
Lynnwood, Washington
My therapeutic approach is centered around creating an environment where you are seen, heard, and genuinely cared about; a space where you can feel free to express yourself without blame or judgment.

I practice from a trauma-informed, narrative therapy approach with an emphasis on collaboration and respect for you as a whole person. I also work with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness practices, somatic/body awareness, and intersectionality from a social justice orientation.

Narrative therapy integrates beautifully with these other modalities because it holds you as the expert of your own life. As a narrative therapist, I see myself as someone who is there to walk alongside you, listening deeply and attuning to you, your life story, and your therapeutic needs.

The trauma-informed part of my therapeutic orientation means that I prioritize your safety and the importance of trust, self-empowerment, and autonomy in your ability to make choices based on what feels right for you.

Everyone comes to therapy for their own unique reasons, your goals are always going to be at the forefront of our work together. Therapy also incorporates growing a capacity for resiliency, emotional range, and increasing self-awareness. These experiences of inner and outer growth will also open up new sources of hopefulness and joy. This process does not happen overnight, it changes like the seasons, spiraling out and returning, over and over. Each time you return to yourself you grow and expand a little bit more. Ultimately, the therapy space belongs to you. The time in the room with your therapist is for you, and the space is yours to make yourself at home in. I look forward to meeting you there.

A bit about me: I am an LMHCA with a MA in counseling and psychology from The Seattle School of Psychology and Theology. I am certified in expressive arts therapy from the Northwest Creative and Expressive Arts Institute and have a background in anthroposophical therapeutic painting and color theory. I would be delighted to weave any of these therapeutic modalities into the session if it were ever something you would like to explore. Creativity is a beautifully generative form of therapeutic self-expression and requires no previous artistic experience or skill, it is all about the process.

I grew up here in the Pacific Northwest and am deeply grateful to call this place home. I feel rejuvenated anytime I am painting in my art studio, being in nature, and spending time with good friends. I also love being cozy at home with a cup of tea and a good book.

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