Paula “Mimi” Simon 🔴
Student Intern
As an explorer, seeker, pilgrim, I have tracked hundreds of thousands of miles over the past 50 years. When the road to my planned destination was closed or became a dead end it was always necessary to seek another path. Many times, my destination changed when a fork in the road led to a more challenging and often more interesting route. Now, as an elder, my energy remains strong, and my commitment is no less passionate.

I am a Clinical Psychology Doctoral Candidate under supervision at Pacific Mental Health. I graduated from Pacifica Graduate Institute completing coursework for a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. I am informed by the depth psychological, psychodynamic, and relational psychoanalytic approaches. I believe each therapeutic alliance must be ethically sensitive to race and culture without hierarchy.

As a psychologist my goal remains to act as a guide to patients in identifying strategies and highlighting solutions to access inner strength. Positive change can occur within a positive and collaborative therapeutic relationship especially when tapping into sources that include insight, courage, and resilience needed to make important lifestyle changes.

I have worked with those struggling with depression or anxiety, as well as those suffering with grief, and trauma. I have experience as a mental health advocate for disabled and underserved people. I approach an individual’s challenges with non-judgmental openness, patience, and empathy, and offer a safe place for unconditional support. When mental pain seems unbearable, I believe the power of the human-to-human therapeutic relationship can open access to improved mental health, balance, and solace.

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