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Therapeutic Compatibility Check: Do you often feel insecure, lonely, and anxious in your relationships? Do you ever feel controlled and completely consumed by your emotions? Do you constantly wonder if your relationships will always be this HARD? Do you have a hard time trusting others and fear they might abandon you? Do you often find yourself saying YES to others when you really wish you could say NO? Do you struggle to stick with your boundaries when you get push back from other people? Do you ever tell yourself you can’t be okay until everyone you love is okay?

As your therapist, I provide unconditional, nonjudgemental support as you open up to gaining a better understanding of yourself and learn how to live a more mentally healthy and whole life. I will walk alongside you as you do the work to meet the best version of yourself. It's about growing to have acceptance, self-worth, trust, and respect for you.

If you think “that’s me!” to any of these questions above, it’s time to start healing. Although I help people from many walks of life, my specialty is helping queer women cope with codependency, life transitions and relationship issues. Email me to inquire about a free 15 min consultation call!

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