Mindy Jones 🟢
Student Intern
I don’t practice one modality and instead draw on several. I believe in the traditional evidence-based approaches such as CBT/DBT and look forward to incorporating those into my practice.

I currently practice humanistic attachment therapy informed by interpersonal neurobiology. I treat people as unique individuals who are resilient and capable of growth, change, and meaning making. I try to tap into people’s desire to self-actualize and express their authentic self.

Instead of focusing on pathology, I prefer to focus on the individual, lived-in experience of each person, highlighting their strengths. I recognize the deep impacts that our early attachments have on relationships for the rest of our lives, and to be a fully integrated person is to be healthfully attached to others while maintaining differentiation.

I view integration at all levels as critical to mental health and success in therapy. This means I incorporate mindfulness practices that help people achieve integration, help people have a better tolerance for uncomfortable feelings, and allow people to better accept different parts of themselves (radical self acceptance) that they may view as bad.

I believe that therapy should focus on motivation for behavior and meaning making. In my master’s training I have special interest in and have done research on treating trauma and the various ways it impacts individuals, adoption issues, and complex identities such as transracial adoption.

While born in Oregon, I got my bachelors in Spanish at the University of Washington and will be graduating with a master’s in the art of counseling psychology from the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. I am an avid food lover and can never get enough gardening.

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