Leslie Fleming 🔴
Counselor, MA, LMHC
Clinical Supervisor
I specialize in Relationship Issues, Trauma and PTSD and Spirituality
As a clinician, I work with a systemic lens. I integrate cognitive, behavioral, physical, somatic, energetic, emotional and spiritual approaches, as well as looking at the familial, social, and ecological systems influencing health and wellbeing. Recognizing that all these aspects have influence over our dis-ease and power for our healing, I facilitate working with these many facets to help my clients move toward working as an integrated whole on behalf of their own healing, growth and personal mastery.

As a supervisor, I focus on inviting, cultivating and supporting the unique and authentic presence and expression of my supervisees within the therapeutic relationship built on a solid foundation of best practices and integrity as a clinician. In the words of one of my supervisees, I “extend beyond client consultation into the deep inner workings of the delicate developmental stages of counselor identity and exploring what it means to show up in the counseling room, and in the world”. In order to build self-as-the-therapist awareness, I engage with counter-transference moments that pull the clinician out of that presence, challenging my supervisees to lean into working the edges where growth as a clinician and as a courageously whole human lives.

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