Katheryn Major 🟢
Lynnwood, Washington
Telehealth + In-person
Student Intern
Those who have anxiety or are in crisis, as many people are, can affect how they view themselves. Therapy can help navigate unexpected changes in life, which may feel overwhelming. Improving and maintaining balance is the key to living a fuller life. Getting what you need to help you move forward can enable you to see a more optimal version of yourself. In my own life, I have tried many different ways to accomplish this and realize that not everything works for everyone!

I aim towards creating a safe, collaborative environment so that everyone can experience and explore what works for them. My holistic approach can help you gain skills in your relationships and manage the stressors in life. I can provide space for exploration and helpful tools to gain a better understanding of who you are.

When you are struggling, it can be difficult to ask for help. Having meaningful relationships with the people in your life can make a difference. I want to help you achieve your goals, improve yourself, and get you to the life you want to see.

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