Kaitlin Kellow 🔴
Student Intern
Greetings! I am Katlin, a third-year graduate student in the Master of Arts in Counseling program at City University of Seattle in Seattle, WA. I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Applied Psychology from City University of Seattle as well.

My passion lies in the role of empowering individuals in the face adversity and recognizing their intuitive strengths and resiliencies while building upon them in a safe and nonjudgmental environment. I am honored to listen to people’s stories and to witness their incredible capacity to be vulnerable with the intention of healing. I am committed to being culturally respectful and an ally to diverse communities. I believe that therapy is a journey for both client and clinician, an unfolding of the complexities and identities of who we are in accord to ourselves and to others.

My psychotherapeutic approach is adaptable based on individual needs but is heavily influenced by such tools as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Existentialism, Feminist Approach, and Mindfulness. I am most passionate about focusing on the present moment and when appropriate, using the current experience as a tool to help focus attention and understanding with the power of meaning. Becoming aware of behavioral and emotional habits creates the opportunity for individuals to make enduring changes. Every human has the potential to find and generate wholeness, joy, and wellbeing from within, and I appreciate the opportunity to be alongside for the journey.

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