Jessica Stredwick 🔴
Student Intern
Hello there, I'm Jessica.

Life can bring a kaleidoscope of challenges unique to us and we’re not meant to handle them alone. I’m an intern therapist (pre-licensed professional) and my passion is working with individuals, couples, and families to help heal misunderstandings, frustrating patterns, and to unearth primary emotions and needs.

I believe all humans have the capacity to flourish. No matter what you or yours bring to the "table," you deserve to be seen and heard. To feel supported in the vulnerability that comes with expressing your inner world. In therapy, I create a calm and accepting space where you can exist without pressure, assisting in the gentle and curious processing of feelings, thoughts, patterns, and behaviors.

As we explore, we may collaboratively set goals that you have identified, co-construct new narratives, heal attachment wounds, and shift toward desired change. If you think we would be a good fit, please call to schedule an appointment. .

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