Jessica Jobaris 🔴
Lynnwood, Washington
I find Life to be bewildering, mysterious, devastating, and sacred; at one moment life-affirming and the next, heartbreaking. These major moments of life usually take place in relation to other people, whether they have revered us or betrayed us. Therefore, tending to our stories, our wounds and our stuck places, is best done with other people. As a therapist, my aim is to help you navigate your mysterious inner world with the outward world that is continually unfolding and shifting, in a way that fosters fluidity and positive change for you.

In working with human pain and suffering, I find myself influenced by two main theories in my practice: Relational psychodynamic therapy, and trauma informed expressive arts therapy. Relational psychodynamic therapy centers around a two-way exchange of what, and how, we are experiencing each other. It’s a give and take that asks both parties to be present and courageously truthful. Two decades as a professional dancer and choreographer, I make sense of life through the moving body, wherein all our life stories are experienced and contained. My approach to merging creativity with therapy aims to be a change agent as we navigate the challenges you encounter, while safely incorporating body awareness and somatic practices. Sometimes this looks like movement, other times it is a simple gesture of the hand that we unpack in relationship to feelings and stories. Other times, we draw or write.

The transformational outcomes of any modality of therapy are themselves deeply creative events, capable of shifting us into a greater sense of agency, consciously connecting our life experience with/in our bodies. Expressive arts therapy has been transformational in my own life, and I am honored to share the merging of both relational talk-therapy with creative practices if that is of interest to you. I understand that creativity can be a challenge for many, and I hold your needs at the forefront of your therapeutic journey. We can land on the modality of therapy that you will be most comfortable exploring.

I’m a Jersey girl, but grew up mostly in sunny Santa Barbara, California. I moved to the PNW nearly 30 years ago to pursue my undergraduate in dance at Cornish College of the Arts. I have additionally lived and worked in NYC, throughout the EU and the Bay area, but Seattle keeps bringing me home. Besides an abiding love for yoga, I enjoy skateboarding and am learning to surf.

I am completing the final year of my Master’s in Counseling Psychology through The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. I’m honored to be interning at PMH, and I will be honored to meet and work with you.

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