Jenna Eady 🔴
Student Intern
Hello, my name is Jenna Eady (she/they). I am a second year graduate student at The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology in the counseling psychology program.

I am a first generation Palestinian American, queer non binary femme passionate about supporting folks through their healing journey.

I strive to create space for identity exploration and healing from systems through an intersectional femminist lens.

I believe our bodies are storytellers and therapy is an opportunity to focus our attention on the various parts and pieces of ourselves that have been hurting or disconnected. Working from a highly relational psychodynamic perspective to make the implicit explicit, I believe the process of healing is particular to the intersections of the individual’s identity.

Bringing awareness to the wholeness of our story helps us embrace our multiplicity. Being mindful of the ways systems and environmental oppressions impact mental health on an individual and collective scale allows us to examine our behaviors. Many of our behaviors have been informed by the unconscious conclusions we have made based on our experiences. Our story may be painful and overwhelming, it can be difficult to name or return to it. And while there are a number of possible experiences we endure, they become the soil out of which our internal scripts grow.

Therapy is an opportunity to explore the development of our internal landscapes, how our stories have served us and we can take the time to notice how these narratives have been built. Each one of us has a variety of parts within us, the therapeutic frame can provide space to discover and embrace the parts of ourselves that have been split off or denied attention.

To invite deep healing for ourselves leads to deep healing in our community. The hoped for outcome of our work together will be tailored to you as an individual but will generally include the following: increased capacity to experience and manage multiple self states and a full range of emotion, ability to comfort and soothe yourself, increased capacity for self reflection, increased ability to tolerate ambiguity and uncertainty, relief from internal constraints that are problematic, the ability to be more truthful with yourself and accept responsibility, and to think more creatively and openly about your past rather than repeat it.

My hope is that you will find more freedom in engaging meaningful relationships including the one with yourself.

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