Jack Rushall 🔴
A graduate from Seattle University’s social justice-based clinical mental health master’s program, I specialize in working with queer people struggling with self-esteem, coming out, minority stress, internalized homophobia, and addictions. Do you feel like an apparent superficiality within the queer community is bringing you down? Do you spend too much time on apps looking for validation, but end up feeling worse? Are you able to talk to your family about your partner?

I have come to understand that rampant insecurities––bolstered by the unique loneliness connected to being a social minority––can lead to both regretful actions and a lagging self image. In our first session, I might ask, “Who are you?” I want to work with you to help you become someone you trust.

I see therapy as a vessel for growth. It can be a short-term solution, but I prefer working with those who are looking to make it a regular outlet. A writer at heart, I incorporate a mixture of cognitive-behavioral and narrative therapy techniques. I encourage small writing activities as sometimes, you don’t see yourself until you see yourself on the page first.

I look forward to hearing from you and setting up an intake session.

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