Gregory Lewis 🟢
Through my life experiences and professional growth I have come to embrace the value of connection, and supporting others in overcoming barriers, thought processes and emotions along life’s journey. I am a voice of advocacy and support on behalf of diverse populations suffering from anxiety, depression, trauma, substance abuse, and a myriad of mental health disorders.

My commitment as an agent of change is to provide an empathetic, compassionate, client-centered, trauma informed care as you the client seek to improve your well-being. My professional experience includes working in community mental health organizations, outpatient programs, residential facilities, and private practice.

I utilize evidence-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing combined with Narratives in creating a safe, non-judgmental, no shame and comforting environment to address anxiety, depression, suicide ideation, self-harm and trauma. The application of my skill set is designed to stabilize and improve overall self-worth and well-being.

I have a Bachelor of the Arts from the School of Social Work and a Master of Social Work with a concentration in mental health from the University of Washington Seattle Campus. My commitment to service is advancing the rights of those that have been marginalized and disenfranchised by systemic barriers that have infringed on individual and civil rights.

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