Emilia Stoneham 🔴
Seattle, Washington
Telehealth + In-person

If you are here that means you are probably seeking support for something in your life that feels difficult, overwhelming, confusing, or painful. My work is to offer you a safe, kind, and accepting space for you to further explore your internal and external realities. Together we will be curious about your unique life experience, the impact of your experience, the struggles and conflicts you may be facing, and what you need to thrive. I believe therapy is the process of uncovering who you were meant to be before the world told you who you should be and wounded you with its expectations and cruelty.

I offer trauma informed, social justice oriented, culturally sensitive care and pay close attention to the marginalized identities that impact your life. I work with members of the LGBTQIA+ community as well as individuals deconstructing oppressive ideology and processing trauma or abuse. I also work with folks who are facing experiences of grief, whether acute or ambiguous. If you are dealing with trauma, abuse, grief, loss, anxiety, depression, mood swings, anger, life transitions, or adjustment issues, I would be glad to hear from you.

I work mostly with psychodynamic and existential psychotherapies, taking into account the realities of suffering and death, loneliness and isolation, meaninglessness and emptiness, and freedom and responsibility. I also focus on unconscious thoughts and feelings, perceptions of the self and their contradictions, self-protection and defenses, internalized beliefs, patterns of behavior, and relational dynamics that stem from early childhood. The exploration of these areas in an open and vulnerable way within a trustworthy therapeutic relationship can help bring about radical self-acceptance and psychological integration.

I live in Seattle with my 12-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, my 1-year-old Russian Blue, and about 30 too many house plants for my apartment to adequately hold.

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