Elisabeth Lowe 🟢
Telehealth only
Student Intern
You deserve to live a beautiful, fulfilling life. However, you may sense that yours does not align with your needs and desires. While the journey of growth and healing is yours to embark on, it is not a path you must walk alone. I am here to support you in your exploration of what feels right for you by providing a compassionate context that honors your unique combination of strengths and needs. My approach is well-suited to those undergoing life transitions, seeking to unearth and heal core wounds, and searching for greater meaning.

In our work together, you can expect to investigate how unconscious beliefs inform your behavior patterns, examine and rework your stories about yourself and the world, and explore how cultural context shapes your life. Along the way, we will develop tools for integrating thoughts and feelings, tapping into somatic wisdom, and cultivating deeper connections.

My dedication to supporting you is rooted in my lived experience. I understand how difficult it can be to navigate life’s challenges, and I also know we are all capable of discovering profound peace and freedom. If you believe we might be a good fit for working together or have further questions, please reach out to our office to schedule an appointment.

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