Connor Bentivoglio 🟢
Seattle, Washington
Student Intern
Everyone deserves to do better than just getting by, but sometimes life can throw us for a loop. Whether you have experienced mental health challenges for years or are faced with new anxieties, or even if you’re just living through a pandemic, I would be honored to help get you back on track.

I am passionate about working with both children and adults. While only the kids usually get to fingerpaint, my philosophy of counseling is the same with everyone. My job is to learn about your strengths, and help you use them to work toward your goals. I want everyone to find their sense of power and agency in the world.

I am trained in Child-Centered Play Therapy, which invites kids to explore and express their own sense of individuality. This knowledge is supplemented by six years of experience working in schools, learning about the needs of children both at work and play. With adults I use a cognitive-behavioral approach to help you understand your thoughts and feelings.

Even just reaching out for help is a huge first step that takes a lot of courage. I will always honor your risk by taking your lead on what is important to talk about, and try my hardest to understand where you are coming from as an individual.

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