Chris Curia 🔴
Seattle, Washington
Telehealth + In-person
First, I want to thank you for taking a brave, loving next step toward growth and healing. I’m a queer therapist working with individuals and couples, wanting to meet you where you are, knowing that therapy is an investment and not always for everyone. Too many of us can get stuck depending on the provisions of an individualized and unjust mental healthcare system that often leaves us needing more care, paying more money, and lacking trust to meet our needs and forge supportive relationships. I take it seriously that you're here, in the middle of whatever you are going through, looking for support, so let's start there.

In our work, we'll process where you've been, where you are, and where you want to be with gentleness, honesty, integrity, and a dash of playfulness. I'll take great care to know the pain you feel, the troubles you face, the things you love, and the support you seek. And I'll follow your lead as we engage with your life on your terms.

Therapy won't be your everything; time with me can only be a touch point in your life. But I hope to offer you a safe enough space to bravely find and return to yourself, again and again, and model the support you deserve and feel empowered to cultivate long after our time ends. Time is on our side, so let's begin—whatever it takes, whenever you're ready.

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