Bre Arthur 🔴
Lynnwood, Washington
Student Intern
My heart in therapy is to grow a trusting and genuine relationship. To create a meaningful experience that moves you toward a more authentic way of being. For you to be witnessed without shame, have self-acceptance, and establish safe connections in your life. For you to be seen and known through curiosity and empathy. That together, in a safe and brave space, we can explore your personality, attachment style, family of origin, past and present experiences, and valued relationships. And that through this work, you can heal, grow, and integrate all the complex and beautiful parts of yourself.

While I find many therapeutic approaches fascinating and helpful, I lean more towards relational integrative therapy, inner child and parts work, Adlerian therapy, and person-centered therapy. I am happy to explore other approaches as well and I desire to tailor my approach based on your needs and strengths so that your therapy experience is the best fit for you.

I am interested in working with all adults with various issues and situations, including but not limited to: anxiety, relationship issues, family conflict, motherhood, identity and personality development, and life transitions.

I am currently in a three year graduate program at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology and plan to graduate with a Master’s in Counseling and Psychology this year.

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