Ben VanDusen 🟢
Lynnwood, Washington
Telehealth + In-person
Student Intern
Life often presents us with troubles and responsibilities. No matter their source, we all can adapt. Adapting, however, is not always a straightforward path and can sometimes lead us to unpleasant or painful places. We might find ourselves trapped in unhelpful ways of thinking, overwhelmed by emotions, or stuck in old patterns that no longer support us. But remember, recovery is always possible. If life's challenges burden you, I would like to help you on your way to a healthier state of mind.

I am a student intern who practices cognitive behavior therapy and mindfulness interventions. My approach to therapy is based on understanding and acceptance. Before counseling, I had spent about 5 years working in mental health and social services. Fortunately, my experience has allowed me to work with people from many walks of life, and I value working with clients across backgrounds, faith, identity, and disability. I will take the time to understand your unique perspectives, values, and challenges. Then, together, we can explore, problem-solve, and adjust as you navigate your current life chapter.

If you think my approach suits you well please feel free to reach out to make an appointment!

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