Ann Thomas 🔴
Our fears, our lessons, our challenges, our growth are built upon experiences in life. These include our beliefs about ourselves, attitudes of life and death, and behaviors that we have developed throughout our lives. We bring all our experiences with us when we become involved in therapy. Within the privacy of therapy, I can help you identify the beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that no longer are beneficial in navigating life. Usually when a person seeks counselling, they already know that something is impacting their ability to cope, but I help to bring clarity where confusion is present.

I specialize in Loss and Grief counseling. Grieving is not only a response to death and dying, but also a normal response to the loss of hope that emerges when we have been through a traumatic experience. Maybe you have gone through divorce, loss of work, or drug and alcohol abuse. I use books, music, scents, art, and movement to access these feelings. I understand finding the right therapist can be difficult. Please call to see if we’re a good fit, and to schedule your first appointment.

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