Angelina Bowen 🟢
Clinical Supervisor
Reaching out for help with mental health can be a scary endeavor indeed. It can bring up feelings of fear and vulnerability. It takes a lot of courage and trust to seek help in exploring such intimate areas of ourselves.

In therapy, I provide a warm and welcoming environment for clients to explore current and past issues in a caring and safe space. I show curiosity through open ended questions in order to help clients increase awareness of reactions and their origins.

I help make space for the feelings that emerge and explore those feelings’ physical expressions in the body. I often use CBT to reframe negative thoughts. I also incorporate mindfulness and other body-oriented techniques in order to help clients ground, relax and come into the present moment. I enjoy helping people heal from old wounds as well as encouraging an increased awareness of “what makes us perk” in the present.

Academically, my therapeutic orientation is eco-systemic in nature. This means that when I meet a client, I am curious not only about what bring them to therapy currently but also all the factors that influence them presently and in the past. I want to know about current relationships with themselves, others and their environment.

I came to the field of psychology from the desire for increased personal mental health using methods other than pharmaceutical drugs. This led me to a Bachelor’s in science degree in health psychology with an emphasis on ecopsychology from Bastyr University and a Master’s degree in clinical psychology with an emphasis on couple’s and family therapy from Antioch University – Seattle.

I hold the belief that physical and spiritual health cannot be separated from mental health. Given this, I take into consideration a client’s self-care habits such as diet, exercise, sleep, and time in nature when discussing treatment plans.

I have over ten years’ experience working with children, teens, and families. I have recently expanded to working with adults and couples. I am a child mental health specialist and also have training in working with parents to increase parenting skills.

My clinical work primarily focuses on trauma, depression, anxiety, behavioral issues, and increasing parenting skills. I am certified in CBT+, DBT skills training, Complementary and Alternative medicine for mental health and have completed several parent management skills trainings.

I have also facilitated many children’s outdoor therapy groups to increase a connection to nature and to increase social skills.

Additionally, I am an approved supervisor in the state of Washington and have over 5 years’ experience in clinical supervision. I greatly enjoy helping new therapists increase their skills to become licensed clinicians. I use a humanistic and psychoeducational approach to supervision. I enjoy facilitating therapist growth as well as discussing the latest research and therapeutic techniques in the field.

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