Albert C. Casale 🔴
Clinical Supervisor
I am a clinical social worker with a deep interest in helping, serving, and educating others. This interest is not only with and towards patients/clients, but with groups, organizations, and professional individuals wishing to become counselors and therapists.

When I see a patient/client, I am helping one person at a time. When I work with professionals, particularly students, trainees, interns, or those seeking licensure, I am working with people who will be seeing clients for many years into the future. This provides me with the satisfaction that I am planting seeds with those who will be the healing sources for others for many years to come.

I perceive that my efforts hopefully will then go a long way.

It has been said that the best way to learn is to teach. I find this to be true. I am always eager to learn from my supervisees.

I am a graduate of Fordham University in New York City where I majored in Psychiatric Social Work and was presented with the concepts of Neo-Freudian psychology. I have held on to these concepts while at the same time deepening my appreciation for incorporating other themes into my work to meet people where they are, to avoid frustration, and to enhance movement, growth, and satisfaction. I have a deep interest in multi-culturalism emanating from my own history, studies of several languages, theater, travel and my social/professional network. I have studied at Iona College in New Rochelle, NY; La Universidad Inter-Americana in Mexico; Gonzaga University; Catholic University of America; Rutgers University; and the University of Washington. I have engaged myself with studies and work from alcoholism to psychoanalytic group therapy, and everything in between.

As a clinical social worker, I have utilized my above-described philosophy in all of my work. My mental health education, my interest in counseling, and psychotherapeutic techniques have permeated each of my professional opportunities. My experiences, in addition to some traditional social work, include counseling and psychotherapy, EAP crisis intervention at work sites, inpatient adult and geriatric therapy, nursing homes, emergency room psychiatric crisis counseling, stabilization and mental health examinations, and more. I have also been a field instructor for social work students pursuing a clinical experience. I remain on a psychiatric assessment team in the Seattle area.

A good psychotherapist is one who is aware of his or her own subjectivity to have the capacity to understand another’s subjectivity. Further, psychotherapy cannot be learned in a vacuum; it requires extra-professional experiences, continuous education, and both focused and broad knowledge. I feel I can bring these to those aspiring to become a counselor and therapist.

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