Body Connection

he word embodiment grabs attention as of lately. It’s certainly a buzzword but it points to something that every person is connected to: the idea that we all have a body that we live in and experience everything through and with. But how many of us are actually aware and curious enough of this fact to be in relationship with our body? Are we connected to our bodies and listening to them enough to take care of them well?


Young people especially, put pressure on themselves to be perfect. This may look like striving to look perfect, to perform perfectly at work or school, or to find a perfect partner and have a perfect relationship. What exactly is perfectionism? Perfectionism can be hard to define because the line between high achievement and perfectionism is blurred

The Power of Effective Self-Talk

I have a confession. I used to view self-talk as self-deception.  When I was a teenager, I learned positive self-talk from a teacher. I resisted it because she taught me to feed myself sugar-coated messages to feel better. I didn’t appreciate the power of...