36 Questions to Fall in Love

How do you fall in love with someone? I always assumed that love is complicated and depending on a lot of different internal and external factors. In a 1997 study, American psychologists Arthur and Elaine Aron came up with a questionnaire of 36 intimate questions that help develop a close bond faster between strangers. These questions can come in handy during a first date or even for couples looking for ways to reconnect. You can use these questions to strengthen your partner’s bond or increase your intimacy with someone else. What would be a better time than to try this on a Valentine’s date?

Terror, nature, and relief

“If I die here, no one will find me, at least for a few days. And my dead body will start rotting before it gets torn apart by some unknown carnivores” 2 hours of hiking into Mt. Laguna, negative thoughts slipped into my head as I slowly moved into the backcountry...


Being true to oneself is not simply an individual choice, but includes how we interact with others. When we are authentic, seen, and still chosen and loved, our relationships thrive, as do we in our capacity to give and receive love.

Redefining Expectations

When we let go of our expectations and redefine them according to our newly acknowledged needs and desires, then we can finally accept and love ourselves and find fulfillment in the unexpected joys of life.