Rebekah Deitrich, BA

Rebekah Deitrich, BA

Meet Rebekah

Hello! I am currently a third-year graduate student at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. My interest and passion for this work stem from my own therapeutic work, personal life experience, and my belief in the fundamental goodness and capacity for flourishing within every person. Entering the challenging and rewarding work of therapy is courageous, and for me, a privilege to be entrusted with tender and vulnerable matters of the heart. 

My approach and training are based on trauma-informed narrative therapy and relational analysis. I believe that almost any struggle is deeply connected to relational harm and brokenness, and that healing happens in the context of relationship. I also believe in the power of navigating our past stories, particularly those in our families of origin, as a way of allowing us to make therapeutic connections in present relational struggles.

I offer a capacity to deeply listen, empathize, challenge, and relate in meaningful mutual ways that open new possibilities for healing, thriving, and connecting. I am drawn to working with adults who have suffered sexual, spiritual, and relational trauma, couples in distress, and family/parenting struggles. 

You don’t have to do it alone.

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