Ko Huai-Che, BS

Ko Huai-Che, BS

Meet Ko

Hi there, my name is Ko.

I help people explore ways to resolve their issues through insights into their life experiences. I believe that by accepting who we are, strength will emerge when we overcome crises in our life. As an international student who moved to the US 6 years ago, my bicultural lens allows me to view the world from multiple perspectives. Therefore, I am motivated to work with people struggling with adjustment issues and guide them to search for their solutions.

My modality in counseling follows a process where the clients gain strength and embrace change by addressing past and current issues. As a former client who had been helped by approaches that dealt with my inner world, I cannot overlook the power of self-exploration and self-healing. Therefore, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Psychodynamic approach are two areas that I tailor my treatment with. I believe with the exploration of the past, people develop insights into the relationship between their past and current functioning. By addressing traumatic events that serve as obstacles in their growth, people develop autonomy to support themselves. 


大家好,我是懷哲,目前在Pacifc Mental Health擔任實習諮商心理師。藉由瞭解過去是如何影響現在的自己,我相信人們能在這樣的過程中自我療癒,並且度過生命裡的難關。高中離開台灣後,在美國就讀大學的期間我遇到適應上的困難。然而,在接受心理師的輔導後,我開始接納真實的自己,也變得更有自信。這樣的經驗讓我決定就讀心理諮商的究所,幫助更多需要的人,也使我相信,當我們能包容自己,使我們度過難關的力量就會出現。

我的諮商取向為認知行為療法 (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) 以及心理動力療法 (Psychodynamic approach) 。我相信只要能探索自己的過去,我們就有辦法瞭解問題深層的原因,並且採取更多行動。 一但能與過去不好的經驗和解,我們將得到更多力量,讓我們在人生的旅途繼續向前。


You don’t have to do it alone.

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