Andrea Beilner, MA, LMHC

Andrea Beilner, MA, LMHC

Meet Andrea

Throughout my life I searched for ways to use empathy to empower and show others that there is hope even when it feels like there could never be. Becoming a therapist has allowed me to help people reveal to themselves that even though life is scary and pain is hard, there is hope and strength in everything we do.  Purely seeking therapy is empowering and instills hope for our future. Although this work can be difficult, there is reward.


I approach counseling through a systemic and holistic framework I believe every individual is unique and aim towards catering counseling to the unique needs of the client and client family. Utilizing a mixture of therapeutic approaches including CBT, and solution-focused therapy, I aim towards creating a client centered environment to meet their stage of life and needs. As a therapist I my goal is to assist clients with their journey through healing, self-exploration and expression. I work mostly with young adults, couples, and adolescents experiencing a variety of barriers that life throws at us.


I began my journey understanding people and psychology at City University of Seattle earning an Bachelors of Arts in Psychology. My own experience with counseling during this undergrad period inspired me to continue on and achieve my Masters of Science in Marriage, Couples and Family therapy at Walden University. As a Washington Native, I find inspiration in the natural outdoors and exploration we have, but also have an itch for exploring, and experiencing other cultures.


You don’t have to do it alone.