Group Therapy

Group therapy enables participants to openly discuss various issues they are working through. It allows people to connect with others who are struggling with similar issues, in a moderated, safe environment.

Sexual Addiction- Queer Male Focus

Looking for help? Sex addiction is a prevailing problem among queer men. Still, few realize they’re suffering from the effects of spending too much time on a hookup app, such as Grindr or Scruff. Have you fallen into a pattern of not saying “no” to men you met online whom you don’t find attractive once they show up at your door? Have you noticed decreased self-esteem or feelings of lingering sadness over guys not returning messages or standing you up? Maybe you’ve noticed a slipping feeling of anxiety or sadness.

LGBTQ+ hookup apps have been shown to have a direct link to internalized feelings of low self-esteem and depression. A double-edged sword: these issues lead gay men to use hookup apps––and they are also consequences. Then there are external consequences, such as risky sexual behaviors and, in some cases, traumatic sexual experiences.

This group fuses cognitive-behavioral, narrative, and art therapy to ask: Why are you addicted to these apps, and what does life look like without them? This is a necessary space for queer men to engage in group storytelling and have a chance to be honest about the current state of queer, male hookup culture. Each week, we will engage in activities, storytelling exercises, and discussions of goals to help combat the isolation and lack of control you may feel as a result of your smartphone.

This sex addiction group, tailored around hookup apps, encourages anybody to join who is 18 or older. Group meets weekly on Thursday evenings 7:00pm.

Please call our office to join the group.

Facilitator: Jack Rushall

Cost: Free

Location: Seattle

Coming Out- LGBTQ+ Focus

How is your sexual orientation or gender identity affecting your emotional health? Have you come out to some people in your life, but not all? Are you keeping your sexual or gender identity a secret from everyone? Including you? 

This group is designed to help you through problems relating to the coming out process, as well as side effects, such as internalized homophobia. Cognitive-behavioral techniques, as well as storytelling and weekly reflections are employed to help those who identify as LGBTQ+ come together and find comfort in being themselves as part of a group setting. The group will focus on the coming out process, which is new for some and often ongoing for others. 

This group, is tailored for individuals looking to gain support and personal understanding. Group meets weekly on Wednesday evenings 7:00 PM. Participants must be 18 yrs or older. Please call the main number to join the group.

Facilitator: Jack Rushall

Cost: Free

Location: Seattle

Anger Management Group

Do you have problems with your anger? Are you having a difficult time expressing your need without conflict? Perhaps a group can help gain personal insight from others and the group leader on how to overcome toxic anger cycles.

The anger group addresses key components can contribute to problems and feelings associated to your anger. The group experience provides an opportunity for you to meet with others who are discouraged by their anger or who need help and understanding for their anger. A different topic of anger is discussed each week to guide the direction of discuss.

The anger group is open to those struggling with anger, however participants must be 18 yrs or older. The anger group meets weekly on Saturdays at noon. Please call to join this group.

Facilitator: Chance Boley

Cost: Free

Location: Seattle

Anger Management Class – 8 & 16 hrs

Objectives: Class is organized to fulfill requirements for court ordered anger management treatment.

The content areas will include:

  • Understand the origins of anger.
  • Learn the biology of anger.
  • The social implications of anger.
  • Child development and relationship contributions.
  • The short and long-term effects of Domestic Violence.
  • Learn techniques to communicate more effectively.
  • Develop skills to overcome your anger with others.

This class is for court ordered anger management treatment. Please call for availability and our next date class will be held.

Facilitator: James Fraundorf

Cost:  $150 for 8 hrs and $300 for 16 hrs

Location: Lynnwood

You don’t have to do it alone.