Self-Care with our Inner Child

For a long time, I did not want to accept that I could be affected by how I grew up or what experiences I had as a child. I refused to acknowledge that perhaps some of how I engaged myself and the world around me was tied to my past. For me, the past was the past… until I noticed it was showing up in the present. Then I found that I had a choice: I could choose to try to ignore it and stick to the patterns that were no longer serving me well in the present or I could notice, listen, care for myself, and listen some more. I have chosen the latter. Self-care with our inner child can create healing.

Body Connection

he word embodiment grabs attention as of lately. It’s certainly a buzzword but it points to something that every person is connected to: the idea that we all have a body that we live in and experience everything through and with. But how many of us are actually aware and curious enough of this fact to be in relationship with our body? Are we connected to our bodies and listening to them enough to take care of them well?

Evolving our self-care

We need to look at evolving our self-care. But what does that mean in practice, when we can no longer do many of the things that used to fill our proverbial buckets in the past? How do we carve time out for self-care when others depend on our attention more than ever? How have our needs for self-care changed now that we live and work in the same spaces?

Stay Sane with Exercising

Exercise can help you handle challenges in life better, which is exactly what we need to stay sane in a world of ambiguity and uncertainties. Besides all the side effects such as growing muscles, burning calories, and strengthening your heart and lungs, exercise helps to get your brain in top condition!

Making Time for Self-Care during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many unknowns in our world which has resulted in a collective sense of heightened stress, anxiety, and fear.  For many of us, the pandemic has placed an unprecedented amount of demand and responsibility from work, school,...