Managing Holiday Expectations

Take a breath and recognize what is realistic and what may be overwhelming to you, and not try to overexert yourself to appease people. Set realistic holiday expectations for yourself, in what you can do and what you may not be able to do this holiday season, and create a plan to not exhaust all of your

Redefining Expectations and Success

Rather than trying to live up to other people’s expectations, ask yourself, what does success look like for you? Look inward and place your focus on what brings you fulfillment and makes you feel alive. We are built with an inner guide, which is sometimes referred to as heart, intuition, or gut instinct, but are often trained to disregard this guide in favor of listening to others who “know better”.

Redefining Expectations

When we let go of our expectations and redefine them according to our newly acknowledged needs and desires, then we can finally accept and love ourselves and find fulfillment in the unexpected joys of life.