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The Dance of Connection – Justin Herndon

The Dance of Connection – Justin Herndon

This article provides some reassurance and insight into the issues revolving around stale, or stagnant relationships. In nearly every marriage coming upon these types of issues that potentially can ruin a relationship are somewhat normal. How a person look’s within themselves and their desire to change for themselves it what makes situations like this turn for the better.

This article focuses on the aspects of some of the main types of issues faced by married couples. The biggest one includes being fed up with the spouse’s personality, however this issue is not a permanent one. Personality is usually expressed through behavior, and when things aren’t going well one can generally anticipate the behavior of the spouse to be negative.

The author also speaks about the two toughest challenges faced by couples who are in a rut in their marriage. They usually include “starting” the process of change, and also another challenge is maintaining the change once it has begun. These two types of challenges can hamper a relationship if they are not continuously fine-tuned. The biggest way a marriage can flourish is if one or both parties is willing to change and maintain the change in their relationship.

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