By H. Becher

Regardless of the growing to be multi-faith and multi-ethnic nature of england, there's inadequate wisdom approximately range in kinfolk practices throughout ethno-religious teams. This e-book fills that gap, exploring relatives practices – values, roles, relationships, help platforms and day-by-day workouts – between South Asian Muslim households in Britain.

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Hasan’s mother) Similarly, the mother who had described her children as ‘two-minded’ because they had experienced both inside and outside influences commented on how she dealt with the consequences: You have to explain them everything. (…) They ask lots of questions, ‘why we can’t do this’ and ‘why we are not allowed to this’. (Mehmood’s mother) Another strategy for compromise involved establishing different rules for inside and outside the home. A graphic example was provided by Amir and Ahmed’s mother who told me that in traditional South Asian Muslim culture one would always sit down on the toilet to avoid mess, and use water rather than toilet paper.

6 Education and work The demographic picture (ODPM 2003; ONS 2004) indicates that British South Asians, and particularly South Asian Muslims, tend to be less economically active, and to have higher unemployment rates, than the white British majority. Women from these groups also tend to have a lower rate of economic activity than the national female average (Ahmad, Modood et al. 2003; ONS 2004). These broader patterns appear well reflected in the characteristics of the families interviewed. Between them, they embodied a range of socio-economic circumstances.

These issues were related to the patterns of family cultural affiliation described in Chapter 2, where families were seen to take varying positions, from maintaining traditional ‘South Asian-ness’ on the one hand to adopting and developing aspects of ‘British-ness’ on the other. Family members’ self-images regarding where they ‘belonged’ culturally were closely linked with their family practices. As explained in Chapter 2, orientations towards cultural affiliation were not straightforwardly related to religious affiliation, but the two overlapped in a variety of ways.

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